Science fiction book club

Why join a Science Fiction book club? Imagine it. You’ve just read a sci-fi novel which left you thinking, wondering; which impressed you so much that you’d like to share your thoughts with others. And then, you’d certainly like to read another book, just as good as the first. Of course you cannot discuss genre literature with everyone, so the best choice you can make in this case is to register with a book club.

 Book clubs can offer you just about anything you need. They will keep you posted with all new releases, but they won’t forget to point out some good bargains. No matter if you want to purchase a new title, or classic sci-fi, you will find exactly what you’re looking for with a simple search.

Don’t know what you’re looking for?

Then, before buying a book, you can skim through other readers’ reviews and recommendations. By reading the others’ thoughts about a certain novel, you will be able to make an informed decision. And if you feel you have something to say--be it good or bad--about the books you’ve read, you can always write your own reviews, share your opinions and start conversations with people who are interested in the same topics as you. Book clubs give you this opportunity to socialize with sci-fi lovers from all over the world and make new friends.

Moreover, there are Book Clubs which offer author interviews and free excerpts from new releases. They keep you updated with events and even organize meetings where sci-fi fans gather to talk about their greatest passion.

A Science Fiction Book Club is, first of all, a wide online community that offers you a wide variety of both books and people. They give you everything you need so you can read only quality sci-fi, talk about it and enjoy a really good time with your friends and favorite authors.

There are many groups that specialize in SciFi. Some are strictly clubs meant to share ideas and opinions, some are booksellers that offer discounted prices, some are geared more toward writers.

Read about some of these here:

The New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA)
The SF Book Club (SFBC)

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